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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

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iphone pics: berries, cider and Montreal

So here are a bunch of iPhone photos from the last two weeks.  I haven't spent much time at the computer so I am feeling behind in my photo posting!   I really only get on my computer to do photo stuff or post here now because phones these days can do everything else.  I feel like I wouldn't even really need one at all if it wasn't for photo editing...but anyway!

So yes, I haven't been at my computer much because Flynn has been anti nap again so we have been spending most days out of the house doing stuff, which is fun but tiring.  So then bed time comes for the boys and Lucas and I have been watching Sons of Anarchy (we are on season 4!) for an episode or two and then going to bed ourselves.

So these photos are all out of order so sorry about that, but here is some of what we have been up to...

The boys have been keeping busy with their vehicles.

A new house is being built on our street so we have a new place to visit which has been very exciting of course.

We have visited the farm a couple of times.

Talked to the cows.

Chased the chickens and turkeys!

And smelled the flowers.

We visited the Charlotte Beach & playground with Meme.

We stopped by Adam's Berry Farm for some delicious popsicles.

Last week we did an exciting thing and took a last minute trip to Montreal.  Lucas and I have only ever gone away for our anniversary weekend each year so this was fun and greatly appreciated because it has been almost a year since we went away for the night together.

As you can see we had an extra passenger...Erica!  :)  We went up to see the UVM basketball scrimmage and Kyle was already up there with the team.  

We lucked out and our families were able to help out with Parker and Flynn, which was so amazing of them.  The boys spent Wednesday afternoon with Grammy and Grampy and my mom spent the night.  

I hadn't been to Montreal since my trip up there with Juji and Joyce before our wedding, so it had been almost 5 years.  I forgot how quick and easy it is to get there from here!  Definitely under two hours including stopping at the border.  

I had to take a photo of our bags, to show how much less stuff we needed without the kids being with us.   It was weird to travel without them but obviously such a nice break.  I totally cried when we left but I knew they were in great hands so I got over it quickly.  ;) 

Erica obliged with my request for a hotel selfie.  She must know I don't get out much!

And Lucas is already used to it!

We arrived in the afternoon and had a couple of hours before we needed to head to the game so we started walking to get something to eat.  We ended up running into Kyle and the whole team right outside their hotel which was a coincidence!  Erica and Kyle had gotten engaged the Friday before and then he had to head off to this tournament thing so this was the first time they were reunited. 

So of course we had to take a photo!! 

Kyle loves Stash which is a polish restaurant in Old Montreal so we ended up meeting up with him, the other assistant coach and Kyle's parents for a late lunch.  It was delicious!

The weather didn't really cooperate on this trip which was kind of a bummer but really we were just excited to be away so it wasn't a big deal.  Well except that Lucas forgot his coat...  ;)

We ended up taking the metro to the game and then walking about a mile.  We kept taking about how much the boys would love everything we were doing, but especially the metro.  We definitely want to take them soon, and to see the Biodome!

After the game Lucas and I walked around a bit and then got a bite to eat at an Indian restaurant.  We sat down at 10pm which made us really feel like we were living it up, haha.  

The next morning we picked up some breakfast before heading back.

All in all it was a super fun trip and so rejuvenating.  Here we were waiting at the border, without anyone screaming in the back.   We of course missed the boys and were so happy to see them, but traveling alone is just a lot different, and relaxing.  :)

Excited to see Daddy!  

There has been a lot of golfing...

And more berry picking.

It ended up raining pretty heavily once we starting picking but it was no big deal to Flynnie.

Enjoying the music.

Grampy and Grammy joined us for a haircut appointment.

It was the first time Flynn actually sat in the  chair, and it was also his best appointment yet.  Hardly any tears.  

And Park is an old pro.

After photo.

Visiting the fish at the pet store nearby is always an after haircut favorite.

We had a play date with Owen and Olivia.

 And Parker and Flynn were excited to have another wrestling lover join us. 

We visited the farm again and checked out our lot.  Still only a little action here with our house so there isn't much going on there yet but the boys always love seeing it.

Cousins getting into mischief together.

Whenever we visit the farm I try to convince Lucas that we need to visit Cookie Love.  He usually agrees.  

We headed to the chicken dinner fundraiser at the fire department in Ferrisburgh with Grandpa and Meme.  It was a spur of the moment thing since we were nearby and the boys loved it.  Here they were checking out the inside of a fire truck.

This past weekend it was chilly and feeling a lot like fall.  We made the most of it and visited one of our favorite fall destinations, Cold Hollow Cider Mill!

It ended up being another rainy day but we had fun take a walk/bike ride on the bike path in Stowe.

Followed by lunch at Piecasso.

And finally, we went on our last (I think!) blueberry picking adventure.  We met Christie, Lilly and Emma at Owls Head Farm and the picking was still fantastic.  We have gone way too many times this year but it is just such a good activity with kids this age and we have so many frozen berries now which I am pretty excited about.  

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