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Saturday, May 2, 2015

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March & April iphone pics catch up

Monday, April 27, 2015

So a lot has happened in the last two months since I have posted these, whoops!  I like keeping up on my iPhone pics post for personal reasons, such as it it the only way I organize them (and therefore remember what we do throughout the year...) and also because it is always a fun trip back down memory lane.  So here is an over share of some of the stuff we have been up to these last two months...

Parker continued with his swim lessons and at this point was full on swimming!  

Allie visited and we built with Legos (like everyday!)

We hung out with Grammy and Grampy to celebrate Grampy's birthday!

We are the errand runners so we go out to the house most days to drop random things off.  The boys always love checking everything out.

It seems so weird to look at these pictures now because so much has changed in not that long of a time but here was Parker in our master bathroom.

My wonderful friend Kristin sent this up from Florida!  Isn't it so cute?  We normally go to Longboat Key this time of year but didn't this year because of our house building and we missed seeing them so much!

We have also spent a lot of time at the office this winter/spring.

We had a pizza party at Olivia and Owen's house.

And built more Legos.

We did a lot of energy burning at the field house.

Parker and Flynn were introduced to Lambeau, Aunt Juji's (HUGE) lamb from when she was a little. They loved him.

We arrived (WAY TOO EARLY) to the airport to pick up Daddy from his trip to Las Vegas.

The airport is actually a great place to run around, if your toddler isn't super interested in the escalator the entire time...We were definitely excited to see his plane arrive to get out of that hallway!

After a ridiculous obsession with lattes, we got a Nespresso machine and frother instead of always needing to go buy them(a bad habit I picked up while living down the road from Starbucks this past winter...)  It has been the best purchase EVER. 

Parker and Daddy playing War.

Saying goodbye to Grandma before she left for Florida!

Lucas and I went and visited Parker's school for next year.   

Flynn loves organizing the machines while we wait to pick up brother at school.

Grampy came and surprised Parker at swimming lessons!

Reading with Grandpa at the office.

We visited Allie and Makenna.

We had some warm spring days that were so lovely.

We had a play date/lunch with Stephanie, Ashley, Lindsey and the whole kid crew.  

One sunny weekend day we went for a walk from the Barn to our house and Tom decided to join us!

He kept right up!

First creemees of the season!

My cuddly guy.

 The boys have been missing our outside toys so one warmer day we took them out of storage at the office to play with.   

Organizing his crayons at Grandma's house.

Waiting for brother at school.  It is always a wild time with this guy!

For bigger errands we have been trying to do them on the weekends first thing in the morning before it is crowded and while the boys can hang out at the gym.  This particular time we had a lot of stuff to get and not a lot of time and it felt a lot like Supermarket Sweep!

Keeping everything organized has been challenging at times.  So many people are working in there but all on different things.  Giant Sharpie markers have really come in handy for labeling everything.

We spent one weekend mopping the house before they put the hardwood floors in.

We celebrated Easter at the country club with Grandma, Uncle Derek, Grammy and Grampy.

It was sunny but with a really chilly wind blowing so the egg hunt was short but sweet!

The Easter Bunny also made a visit to Grandma's house because he wasn't quite sure where we were living this year.  ;)  All of our holiday stuff is in storage and we kind of dropped the ball a little but it all worked out!

We have been way into games at our house this year.  I can't wait until Flynnie is old enough to play too.  Right now he just likes to organize all the candy pieces from Candy Land, and also try to eat them!

We made a visit to the Echo Science Center and Aquarium.  

And had our 2nd creemees of the season...

I had a much needed drinks and dinner date with this lady.  We had a great time, and it also snowed like it was Christmas, except it was April...but still fun!

Daddy came to his last swim lesson of the session and he was just a little excited!

They have been pretty flexible these last couple of months, but we have also had plenty of these moments... ;)

We took an exciting trip to Oakledge with Grandma!

Ben and Jerry's date with daddy.

We had our first picnic on our deck.

We made an amazing cheese plate one day.  That is honey if you are wondering.  :) 

A week after it snowed like the middle of winter, it was like this!

We had an awesome dinner date with Kristen and Jared at Misery Loves Company.

We had a bunch of days in a row with the most beautiful spring weather, and we enjoyed it!  

Our weekends have consisted of doing odds and ends around the house and cleaning, SO much cleaning.  Things get so dusty from all the work being done so it is constant.  The boys have been great and have pretty much played outside all day while we do this so it really has worked out quite well.  And it is actually quite peaceful.  ;)

Snack break!

Park playing in the purple sand.

Parker sure loves Caroline!

We were supposed to be moving this week but it got delayed a bit.  The inside of the house will be all done and we are set to move in at the end of next week(!)  The outside will still take a little more time because we need to wait for it to warm up just a little more to finish the stonework and cement outside on the porch.  

The other weekend I got to sneak away to go see Lindsey down in Woodstock!

We had the best time. We each got a massage and then went out for lunch.  It was the perfect day.


At the end, Sam and Hunter came and met us! 

Last week it was spring break around here so Parker's preschool had the week off.  We attempted some school vacation activities...the first of which was going to the movies.  I would like to say it was a success, but nope.  ;)  We ended up having to leave early and I think maybe we will try in another year with Flynn?  He was excited about the monkeys, but wasn't really into sitting down to actually watch the monkeys, soooooo...

Monkey face.

But we did try and a big thanks to Aunt Juji for coming (and chasing Flynn down the aisle each time).  :) :) :)

The next day we visited the Echo again with Allie and Makenna. We also ran into so many friends there!  Hi to Ashley, Ruth and Julie!

Fun in the field house.

The welcoming committee!

A little hard to see because of the heat lamp but these are our new duck friends for the pond at the farm.  The boys are so excited!

And this past weekend we did more cleaning.  

With our assistants of course. ;)

And so that is what we have been up to.  Sorry for the typos, I am sure there are many!

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