August in iphone pics

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

These photos are all out of order, but I am just not going to reorganize them because no one has time for that.  So this is August...

Some fun visitors at the farm store!

A new calf.  I risked my life to take this photo but it was worth it.  Just kidding, kind of...The other cows were super protective of this new mom and her baby!  But there was no bull in this pasture so it wasn't bad like life!

A highlight of my parenting life so far, all four members of our family had a rainbow ice!

 Safety first in the Ranger!

Snuggles at the fair.  

And then we met baby Arlo!!  

I started Pure Barre.  I am still terrible at it but I do feel much stronger.  

A swim at Charlotte Beach.  Flynn is not afraid of anything!   He was just heading out into the middle of the lake like it was no big deal.  I am not used to this with my overly cautious first child.  All kids really are so different.  

A big milestone for Flynnie, he got his big boy bed!  And a big milestone for us, there are no more cribs in our house.  We are okay with this!! 

A Cookie Love visit.

We took a day trip to Stowe to go on the bike path.  Visiting Stowe in the summer is always so relaxing becuase it isn't ski season and wild there. 

We also took a trip on the Gondola.

Fun with Aunt Toni.  I have to mention how helpful she was while Mia was in the hospital.  We went and visited her every day and I would not have been able to do this without all the help from her and my mom.  I am so glad I was able to have time with her during her last few weeks and also that the kids could have happy things going on for them when life was filled with such sadness and stress.  It was hard to keep things "normal" for them when life didn't feel that way at all.  Our family and friends were such a huge help during this time and I will never forget that.      

Haircuts are no big deal anymore, thank goodness!  

Gardening at the office.  Lucas does all the work and we reap all the rewards from this garden!

Checking out big brother's new school.

We did a lot of hammock time this summer.

And this is why I fit right in at our new home on the farm.  I actually went in public like this (to Cookie Love) and I didn't even care..ehh

Parker's 5 year check up!

So excited about their new sandbox!

More Stowe photos that are out of order...

Flynn makes the best faces.  

Lunch at Piecasso.

And more Stowe bike path photos...

And more Cookie Love...

Parker having a (decaf) latte.

More Arlo!

A boat cat nap.

A summer staple.

Dinner with Kristen, Jared and Caroline.

Having corn in your backyard is very fun, but it is also very easy to lose your kids!! 

I visited the fair again, this time with just Grandpa and Meme to see the tractor pulls.  Grandpa was excited to send the boys a photos of him on a tractor because that is all they ever want to do at the fair.

I definitely want to bring the boys to this next year, they would LOVE it!!

Feeding the cows their breakfast.

Fun at Grandma's house using the nature guides.

More fair photos...

Lucas isn't sure that the Addison County Fair is the best thing ever, but he goes along with it and I think secretly he likes it a lot.

Fair food is the best food!

Checking out the "old rust buckets" as Parker calls them.

We also met up with Lindsey and Sam there (this was before Arlo's arrival!).  

Garden treats.

A chicken made it's way over to our house from the farm...

So we brought it back!  Always something exciting going on around here...

Blueberry picking with Erica, without children.

It was a great success!

Picking up our CSA.

Blueberry picking with Abby and the kids...

Parker set up these rugs in the garage for "yoga".  

A boating trip with Meme.

And then it was back to school time!  They look thrilled huh?!  
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