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Wednesday, January 28, 2015


open gym

 Tis' the season for finding as much inside energy burners as possible!

iphone pics-mid December/January

In order to catch up with iPhone pics, we are going way back to mid December...

So these photos start right before we moved to Grammy and Grampy's house before the holidays. 

We have spent a lot of time already at the field house, and I am so thankful to have that space for them to run around in.

Working hard with Grandpa at the office.

 Parker went to his first basketball game where he sat court side with Daddy.  

Parker's last day of school before Christmas break was pajama day!

And that same day was also moving day!

We settled into Grammy and Grampy's house.  

That same weekend Joyce and Liam came for a visit!

Talking with Chip at Upper Deck.

Fun with Lexi before the Rice game.

Christmas present exchange.

This seems so long ago now but here was Lucas (and P) talking with Mike about the house plans.

View from our bedroom.

Joe, Juji and Walker came out for a visit!

Christmas cookie making.

This actually went a lot better than we had anticipated!

Early morning coloring at Grammy and Grampy's. 

Kristy and I had a holiday cider date!

Pretending to be robots.

Santa's workshop at Grammy and Grampy's house.  We did it Christmas Eve Eve, so it was a little bit less stressful, but I suppose Lucas was doing most of the work... 

Parker was super into Christmas carols this holiday season.  We loved singing the 12 Days of Christmas book.

Uncle Bobby came up for Christmas.

We had Christmas Eve at Grandpa and Meme's house.  Here was Flynn working on the new truck with Uncle Zach.

There was a lot of drama over this truck! 

Opening presents with Meme.

Christmas morning at Grammy and Grampy's.  All of our holiday things are in storage so we improvised a bit.  Grammy found these stocking for the boys which worked out great!

Late Christmas morning at Grandma's house.

Birthday cake at Grammy and Grampy's house.

Flynn and I would be perfect cake sharers, he only like the frosting and I only like the cake!

The weather around Christmas was really warm so we got out quite a bit.

We took some beautiful walks at the country club during the unseasonably warm weather.

We also explored in Grammy and Grampy's neighborhood while we were living there.


We visited the Ethan Allen tower which was fun.  Unfortunately it was closed for the season so we couldn't go up to the top but the boys thought it was pretty cool anyway.

While Aunt Toni was home we brought the boys over to visit her and Aunt Julie (and some of our toys we didn't move to Grammy and Grampy's house) and we snuck out for a yummy brunch date.

Every afternoon on our way back to Grammy and Grampy's house we had the most beautiful drive.  One day we were driving along and admiring the sunset and Parker said "wow mom, this is so beautiful, it makes me want to take a picture, doesn't it make you want to take a picture?!"  Ummmmmmm he is obviously my child right?!

So we took some pictures.

Reading with Grandma.

Afternoon activities at Grandma's house.

Parker is way into the solar system right now.

Winter walk with Kristy.

Fun in the field house with Makenna and Allie.


Face timing with Brady, Rebekah and Savannah!

Mandi and I went to see Wild.  I am always hesitant to see movies made from books I have previously read but it was actually really good.

And then we moved back to Toni's!

Moving three times in a little over 6 weeks but a lot, but we are very grateful to have had these options during this time of transition because it could have been a lot more stressful.  

Unfortunately all this moving around took a huge toll on the boy's sleeping.  Now honestly sleeping has never been that great around here, in the last few months everyone has slept through the night maybe a couple of times?  But it usually is pretty manageable, getting up with for a bathroom trip with P or Flynn needing a drink or something like that.  But since moving we have had some doozeys, ugh.  When your kids are babies and they are up at night, it is hard, so hard, but normally they at least sleep during the day too (if they don't then that is a whole other kind of hard).  But big kids that don't nap anymore and are awake a lot at night, it is a special kind of torture!!  After a few nights of terrible sleeping for everyone we figured out a way to separate them into their own rooms because they were waking each other up all night long.  There are really only 2 bedrooms here but she has an office that we fit the crib into.  It made a big difference.  

We have continued to visit the house a couple of times a week and it really has been so fun for the boys to see it progress.

The neighborhood we are living in right now is pretty close to the airport, which is of course very exciting for all the airplane lovers here.  One warmer afternoon we walked over to watch the planes arrive.

it would be a much more enjoyable visit in perhaps the summer time, but they loved it.  

More field house fun.

Coffee date with Jill (and baby Anna!)  I obviously have been using my gym daycare time effectively lately huh? ;)  (PS our gym is okay with this haha).  

Flynn LOVES picking up Parker at school.  Parker always runs over and gives him the biggest hug.  They spend all their time together except for Parker's preschool time so I think they really miss each other during this.  Then after the warm welcome the wild time comes of chasing Flynn all over the school while Parker gets his stuff ready to go...but at least it starts off nicely.  

We went over to visit Meme before her trip to Mexico.

Still loving shadows.

We bundled up and took a walk over to the beach.  

It was fun, until it wasn't... 

But we recover quickly! 

So I mentioned no more naps and sadly this happened back in December.  I thought maybe it was becase we were all over the place since November and it was a stage... but nope. He has taken a few random ones at my mom's house but otherwise he seems to be done with naps.  I thought we had more time left but I guess not!  The one good thing about not having any more nappers is that we have a lot more flexibility during the day and bedtime is (usually) much easier!  The bad part is, well, you are never alone.  

A couple of weeks ago we implemented a morning sticker chart into our routine.  Getting out of the house in the morning is definitely the most challenging part of the day for me.   Even though we had plenty of time from when they wake up to when we need to leave (8am), almost every day we were struggling to get out the door on time.  I have been packing bags, lunches/snacks, and laying out their clothes the night before for a while now, but for some reason we just couldn't get it together!  

This chart has helped so much.  Parker is fully capable of doing a lot of thing on his own now but wanting to do it is often a different story.  It probably doesn't work for all kids but he is a rule following type of guy so it has really helped so much.  Anyway, enough rambling...this was his truck that he saved up for with his sticker chart.  The next time around we did it for an activity with just the two of us, which I think he liked working towards even more. 

Open gym!

Silly guys.  Flynn and Nate like to pretend these cubbies are beds, and do this every single time.  

The love for magnatiles is still going strong over here.

Parker has also been into taking lots of iPhone photos.  

Kristy and I taught our 3rd intro to photography class the other weekend.  We met even more awesome ladies and it was just a great day.  We always forget to take photos during the class, but this was before when we were setting up.

We went to dinner with Grandpa at La Villa and the boys spotted the gelato as soon as we walked in.  

We had drinks and apps at Carrie and Joe's house and the boys had a great time with Lexi and Trevor.

Safety first Walker!

We went to the dog park with Walker one sunny morning.

Kristen and I met for coffee and we arrived in the same coats.  Reminds me of elementary school, except we actually didn't plan it.  ;)

We have been making a lot of decisions about the house.  It has been fun but a lot more hectic than the last couple of months have been because there are so many details to decide on now.

All ready to visit the house.

It was a big day because they were using the crane to put the windows in.  Very exciting times!

This photo makes me smile because it is SO Flynn...he is very expressive.  ;)

Early morning breakfast at The Spot.  The boys loved sitting right next to the big fish tank.

Ok I am sure these house photos are getting repetitive but I have been trying to document the progress...

Chilly walk with Rozzi and Meme.

We had a much anticipated date night last weekend thanks to Cynth for watching the boys.

And I also had a coffee date with Katherine so I would say it was quite a wonderful weekend!  This is also making me feel that I really drink a lot of coffee.  

On Sunday we took the boys over to the country club.  You can see Parker pushing all our stuff in the tube because we brought our ice skates.  We kind of underestimated how far this walk would be (to the 4th hole) because it was pretty cold.  

The ponds are all frozen over (that is not actual water on the right hand side, don't worry!!) so it was a great place for Parker to practice.

Flynn doesn't have skates quite yet, but he liked skating around on his boots and yelling "I'm cold!! I'm skating!! I'm cold!!" It was kind of cold, sorry buddy.

So we didn't last that long but it was fun and so beautiful!

Flynn and and I have been running a lot of the house errands while Parker is at school, because going out in public is just easier with one kid.  But 2 year olds and errands, hmm still not the best match.  So the gym daycare has been worth it's weight in gold for all the house decision appointments, so that is when I really get serious.  Two hours is a lot of time when you are alone!

Parker started swim lessons and we stopped for (coffee) and a tea on our way there.  

Just since this summer he has made such huge progress with his swimming and just being comfortable in the water so it seemed like an ideal time to get him into an actual class.  He loved it.  

Afternoon entertainment.  We have been going to my mom's a lot, even if she isn't always there, just because there is a lot of space to run around.  

We didn't get very much snow in the recent storm but at least it was something!  

Working on more house stuff with Grandpa.

And finally, the front door is on the house.

So that is a lot of random photos from the last six weeks but I am caught up now!

Also there are probably a bunch of spelling and grammatical errors, so sorry about that but this was too long to go through again.  :)

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