Saturday, September 6, 2014

Just when I thought there couldn't be any more summer fuit for us to pick, we found out about these!   

After a recommendation from a friend we headed over to Shelburne Orchards.  They are just starting their apple season but the grapes, oh my gosh the grapes!  I had to look at their website to remember but they are called marsette grapes, and are compared to gum drops because they are small and super sweet.  

It was the easiest fruit picking ever.  They give you a pair of clippers and you just walk around and find the really pink/purple bunches and you cut them off, and that is it.  

As you can see the boys were mostly just our taste testers...

Has anyone else gone grape picking?  Maybe it just isn't that popular around here but until a couple of days ago I had no idea that they even grew around here!

apple picker

iphone pics: end of summer

Friday, September 5, 2014

I am trying to get caught up on here so here is a little iphone photo recap of the past few weeks...

We visited the park with Julie, Owen and Olivia and of course this was their favorite part of the whole visit.


We were at the Maple Street Park which has a mountain biking area and because no one was there the kids ran around in it for about half an hour.  They were all pretending to be dogs running though the woods and climbing the "mountains" which was pretty adorable.

Our last visit to the pool which closed for the season last weekend.  

Practicing mazes with Aunt Juji.  Also want to note that we are so proud of her, she has her own classroom this year teaching pre-k!  

A visit to Trader Joes.  

I got to meet baby Anna who arrived two weeks ago!!  It was so nice to go see them and I also got to see big brother Nate in action, he is such an awesome big brother already.  

Lucas was in a golf tournament the other weekend and we stopped by one morning before it started.

We went to Stowe with Juji for a walk on the bike path.  

And went for a swim at Joe's family's condo.  

It was so beautiful there!

Here was Juji wondering why she chose to spend one of her last days of her vacation week hanging out with wild kids.  ;)

We visited Grammy and Grampy's beach one evening.

Beach buddies. 

Hanging out at Grandma's house in the "garden room" as Parker calls it.  

I cleaned out my car one evening and hosed off all the mats and then they decided to open a truck washing station which really just resulted in Flynn getting soaked.

We went to Parker's open house at school last week and he got to meet his teacher(who he has already met at summer camp so that was nice!) and see some friends.  

When Anna was a week old we went on our first coffee date post baby.  :)

She is the sweetest!!

We made a lot of banana muffins.  I already can't believe the amount of food we go through at our house.  I can't even imagine how it will be to feed teenagers one day!!!

I think I mentioned that we are going to Andrea and Evan's wedding on our 5th year anniversary weekend so we were just going to do that instead of going away for the night like we usually do.  But Lucas surpirsed me and made secret babysitting arrangements with my mom and Juji so we could go on an overnight getaway to Stowe a few weeks early.  It was awesome.  We ended up stopping in Jeffersonville on our way to Stowe and went to the Arbortrek Canopy zip line tour.  Our friends Joe and Carrie went last year and recommended it and they didn't let us down!

We didn't bring our cameras or phones because they take photos throughout the tour for everyone which really nice.  Here are a few of them...

After the tour we drove over the Notch into Stowe.  

We had a super relaxing afternoon and evening.  

And had dinner at Solstice like we do every year.  Of course I had to photograph the cheese plate.

The next morning Juji drove the boys up to meet us.  The first thing we did was visit the golf carts.  

And then checked out the construction site!  They are easy to please.

The main Gondola that goes up the mountain is currently being updated so we were only able to take the one that goes across the road, but they didn't seem to mind!

After we went for a quick swim before heading home.  

Mandi and I visited the fair before heading to our annual fair concert.  

We enjoyed some lemonade and a few other fair treats.

And then went to the Hunter Hayes concert.  It was fun but I think we kind of forgot that he is huge hit with the tween/teen population.  We felt a little old haha.  

I didn't take this photo but my friend Allie did who was right up in the front, and for reference she is 15.  ;)  

Cheese man.

Poppy spent the night because Mandi and Derek are way for a bit.   And yes she did sleep with us too!

Making cards for Parker while he was away at his first day of school.  He worked on them for quite a while.  :)

Checking out the garden at daddy's office.  We are quite spoiled by this garden becuase they do all of the work and we just get to enjoy all of the delicious bounty.  

Looking at boats on Grandpa's computer.

Looking at old slides of when Grandma was growing up, Parker loved this so much!

Playing "post office" with Grandma was also a big hit.  

And finally this was Parker's 2nd day of school.  Although we still had another pretty rough start he at least wanted to take a photo so that is a start!!

So that was pretty rushed so there are probably a bunch of typos but that is what we have been up to!

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