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Thursday, March 26, 2015

I could really relate to this and thought it had some great practical advice.   I have been struggling a bit these past couple of months, partly because of our current circumstances but also just because of the life stage we are in.  It is helpful to be kind to yourself but also be able to have some perspective during the harder times, which isn't always easy in the moment.  I also think we need to be more kind to each other, other women, other moms, etc.  Everyone has their own challenges, even though they may be completely different from your own.  Anyway, hope someone else finds this helpful too!

catching up

I always have lots of things I think to share on here, but I never really get around to it.  So here are some random thoughts...

It is looking like we will be moving the last week of April right now.  We are in those last few weeks of picking out all the tiny little (necessary) details right now.  The walls are being painted right now and the flooring has started to go in.  We built our last house but Lucas really look the reins on it so this has been a totally different experience for us.  It ended up that our house building started basically the week his work gets super busy for the season. So I have been working on most of it, alongside Grandpa who is our general contractor and we couldn't have done this without him.  It has been very fun to be able to pick out everything and help it all come together, but it also is so many more details than you would ever think, at least to me.  Every single door, piece of trim, window,  tile, piece of siding, light switch, knob and pull is planned for, counted out and then picked out, while sticking within our budget.

My head feels like it is constantly filled with a bunch of random measurements, numbers and colors.  I am not the best multitasker and in this process I feel like I have dropped the ball on many everyday things while trying to get all the house things sorted out.  I have some really awesome friends (some close by, some farther away) and I feel like I have struggled these last few months to keep up, and I feel really badly about that.  Besides a couple of walks a week, I haven't been good about exercising and our meal planning has basically gone out the window.  Our stuff basically lives in piles around here right now(because there is no where else to put it) and I have no idea where any of our spring and summer things are so hopefully we move before we need those!  As exciting as this process has been, I am very much looking forward to life slowing down again, and getting back into our regular(and some new) routines.

The boys have really been great throughout all these changes but I definitely think we underestimated how much change this would be for them.  They are at an age where routines are still really important so we have struggled a lot with that while living temporarily and moving around more than once.  I certainly am so grateful we have been able to go through this process and we are in the last laps right now, but it has been more challenging than I think we ever imagined.

The house stuff has basically taken over our lives right now so there isn't too much other stuff to catch up on.  Parker is still loving school and now wishes he was going more than 2 full days a week, which is good because next year will be a lot more than that!  Pretty amazing to think we have an almost 5 year old.   Flynn is on the upswing of a little bit of a challenging introduction to age 2.  ;)  He has been dragged around the most during this process so we really have tried to be more aware of spending good, quality time with him and making sure he is able to get his un-ending energy out in anyway possible.  They are both super fun to be out and about with right now, when they are alone that is!  Taking them both out together often feels like we are trying to handle a bunch of wild monkeys.  We have quite a few friends who have kids a similar age so at least we are in good company right now!

Once the kids are asleep and before we fall asleep not too much later, we have been working away on some pretty awesome shows.  We recently finished the current season of Homeland and are now watching and loving the Americans.  I also recently watched The Affair (on Showtime) and just started Bloodlines (Netflix) last week while Lucas was out of town and it is awesome too!  Has anyone else watched any of these?  I also read some good books in the last few months, the lasted one being the Aviator's Wife which I loved.

So that covers it I think!  Thanks for letting me share, I have missed that.   xoxo

waiting for daddy

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

at the airport...


I have been feeling a little uninspired in the photo department lately.  I think it is a March thing.  Everyone is sick of the snow, but it is still here.  I think I have taken enough photos of trees and at the pool for my yearly quota, so yes, there is a lot of waiting right now.  Waiting to move, waiting for spring (weather) and just waiting to get settled again.  This whole living in transition thing is almost done for us.  Moving was a pretty dragged out process for us because of the circumstances and it feels hard to believe that it is almost here, but it is.  

good read

I loved this one so much.  SO many feelings.

life via iphone photos

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

I am way behind in the phone pics on here...but here is a recap of some of what we have been up to since the beginning of February...

Lots of house errands these days.  Love going anywhere that has double seat carts!  The stress level of one running lose is high, which is why I am never going grocery shopping with both of them again after our special times this week! ;)

Flynn and I at our weekly meeting with Grandpa.


Enjoying a surprise gift from Aunt Juji.

Superbowl party at Carrie and Joe's.

Not many patriots fans were at this party!

Happy snacker.  This is the first thing Flynn does when we get to the gym, even though it is like 8:30am.  

Chad loves being in the house progress pics!  

Dinner at Caroline's house!

I guess this is the new cool baby toy, and it clearly is pretty awesome.

 Decisions, decisions...

A good summary of our evening.  Lots of drama with the vehicles as always! ;)

The tile store has been one of my favorite parts of building our house and I think Parker and Flynn would agree!  They have an awesome play area.

The greeting committee at the farm.

Hi baby Mallory!

Hanging out with Uncle Zach in the farm strand.

Feeding the sheep with Meme.

One of the things I can't wait to have again when we move is a place to put everything.  This is our current way of storing the boys clothes, it actually is pretty handy to be able to see everything all at once...

Sushi date.

Ice croquet!

Sleeping here has still been bad, I know there have been a lot of changes for everyone but man I miss sleeping.  Flynn has been cuddly though!

Fun at the hardwood store...and by fun I mean he was able to flood part of the store in the couple of minutes I was talking to someone (no wood was damaged in this process FYI).  

Excited to get his Valentine's Day card from Great Grandma!

Juji bought a house!

We had a dinner time play date at Owen and Olivia's house.

Fun in the field house with Makenna and Allie.

Valentine making.

My mom watched Flynn and I volunteered to do a holiday class project in Parker's classroom.

My sister was a huge help and taught me house to use the die cut machine, or rather she cut everything out for me...and my mom was the one that found the idea, but I still felt a little bit crafty.  ;)

This is such the story of our life these days!  Flynn wearing no pants, and no one cooperating.  Thanks mom for the pics.  :)

Visiting Juji and Joe's new house, and trying out Joe's skis!

Tea time.

Visiting the office.

Breakfast date.

Excited to see brother after his school day.  :)

Sledding at the farm.

Ice skating adventure with Juji and Joe.

Flynn was not into it. 

We will try again next year Flynnie!

Excited to see Grampy when they returned from Florida!

We had some COLD days this winter.  

Allie was so excited to go appliance shopping with me! ;)

Dinner (and dessert!) date with Mand.

Flynn was very into Juji and Joe's house warming party for obvious reasons.

 We haven't been able to walk outside too many times this winter because it has just been so cold but we finally were able to get out again these last couple of weeks and it has been wonderful!

Hanging with Nathan (and baby Anna) in the field house.

Playing his memory game they made at school with Grandma.

Flynn is sick of winter too!

Play date at Caroline's house.

Waiting for grandma.

Mule bar and some easy reading.  ;) 

Lunch date!

Date night thanks to Grandma for babysitting!

Showing Grampy (and Grammy) the house progress.

We will be moving at some point in the next 4 to maybe 6 weeks?  It is coming up!

Reading Rainbow!

Lunch at the Tavern.  Dining out with these two is never dull that is for sure!

 Coffee date with my buddy!

Horse-y riding never gets old!

And a PSA to why you should update the extra clothes in your kid's school cubby!  Parker's pants got wet on the playground and he had shorts that I put in there in August to change into when it was 20 degrees.  Ahh well, at least it was sunny!

And that is pretty much it!  

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