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Thursday, July 9, 2015


gardening with Grandpa

after dinner snack

raspberry pickers

June (and the beginning of July) in iphone photos

June has come and gone.  I always love this month because it is the end of school and the start of the slower pace of summer.  It also feels like it lasts forever, which definitely doesn't happen in July and August which seem to speed right by.  

The pool was freezing at the beginning of June(it still is because of all the rain) but they were still in there. 

During Parker's last week of school they had a theme week.  He only goes certain days of the week so he was excited that he was there for pajama day!

They always have an end of the year performance and ceremony which is just the cutest.  We came in on one of his non school days for their dress rehearsal, which was so fun to watch. 

Sharing secrets with Tom.

We visited the new exhibit at the Echo.  It was just perfect for their age and I can't wait to go again. 

Haircut time.  I think we have finally reached the point where haircuts are manageable and don't involve high pitched screaming the entire time, so that is a win.

We were able to watch Grandpa and Uncle Zach moved the cows from one pasture to another, which was quite exciting!  I had no idea what a process it was, some are much less cooperative than others.  ;)

The boys are continuing to enjoy our daily hunt for the eggs.  I imagine come January they might not have the same feelings about it but it is fun right now, which it still semi new and exciting, and warm out.  

The excavating around our house begun ( and is still going because of all this rain) and it has been a pretty exciting thing for our machine loving dudes.

A dump truck and an excavator in the backyard made for an exciting afternoon.

Kisses at Cookie Love.

Before Parker's end of the year ceremony we stopped for sushi.  

Flynn is quite persistent with the chop sticks.

Owen and Olivia visited the farm and the kids had a great time running around and visiting all the animals.

Saying hello to Gabriel.

We went out to dinner and Grandma babysat.  There is no downtime anymore with two busy kids and no naps, so getting away when we can is so nice. 

Unplanned matching outfits with Katherine!  ;)

Aunt Juji & Joe got engaged!

Aunt Mandi came for a visit!

I cut my hair off which I always like doing, but then I remember that I have to actually blow dry it and style it at this length and I wish for it to be longer again.  ;)

Water fun at Makenna & Allie's house.

Proud egg collector.

First berries of the summer.  We are so lucky to live right across the street from the most amazing berry farm!

Aunt Julie was here for a visit and the boys were thrilled!  They have so much fun with her.

Delivering flowers to Grammy on her birthday.

A visit with Allie!

Two Lovewiches of course.

Uncle  Zach graduated from high school!

Fun at the high school championship baseball game.

A visit to Grandpa and Meme's house.

Riding to the barn.

Juji and Joe came over and had a fun time making some new Lego creations.

Grandma took on the big job of babysitting for a couple of days while we headed down to Providence  RI for Kyle and Erica's wedding. 

She of course sent lots of photo updates while we were away!

It was so nice to get away and celebrate with them and even more fun that our bunch of our best friends were there with us too.  Since having kids we have never gone away with our friends so it was long overdue. 

It was the most beautiful wedding weekend.  

The boys had fun visiting Juji & Joe's house with grandma.  

What a beautiful couple!  

Meme came for a visit and to help out for a bit.

On our way home we stopped in Boston for a quick lunch and we obviously had to stop here!

And here.  ;)

Excited to see daddy when we got back!

Father's Day BBQ!

The perfect crowd to enjoy one of our John Deere kids movies...

A visit to Shelburne Farms.

We decided to hike up Lone Tree Hill (emphasis on HILL).  It it s very easy and short hike, like 15 minutes, which is pretty much all I would attempt on my own with these two.  And it was pretty great!  Maybe next year I will attempt Mt Philo with both of steps!

And the view is pretty perfect.

We of course had to visit the farm store where they tried to convince me we needed more tractors(NOPE!)

And then the first day of summer camp arrived!  This was also Flynn's first time at "school" so it was pretty exciting and also a big moment.   They are going two mornings a week this summer and it is going to be great for all of us.  It is also working out well because I started to work (part time) at the farm stand  this week so there are some changes happening for us right now(more on that later).

Fun at the gym.

Pool time with Grandma.


The ultimate egg hunter, there is no place he won't go to get the eggs!

Our yard is looking pretty exciting right now!

Raspberry season started!

Passport photos!  I had to renew mine and the boys were getting theirs for the first time.  It actually was pretty painless (Lucas was there too).  

Our first boat day.

The magic of the lake!!!  A 20 minute nap and what a beautiful time that was!

Sunday morning grocery adventures!

Owen's 5th birthday party!

New baby lamb!  

Proud that he got his cereal all by himself.

Parker investigating the aftermath! ;)

Parker and I went on a movie date together.  I loved it but I think he got a little bored at times.  It was a little over his head in some parts I think?  

Farm Stand prep.

A morning walk with Kristen.

Tin foil boats.   The excavating is still being done on our yard( all the rain we have had this year has been pushed it back a lot) so we have been trying to find ways to entertain ourselves on the porch.  

2nd boat day of the season!  Kristen, Jared and Caroline came and met us on their new boat.

We anchored at the NY beach, which right now isn't too much of a beach with how high the water is but it was still really nice.  

A visit to Middlebury.

Cookie Love visit with Grampy, Grammy & Uncle D.

Another boat day.

Lexi and Trevor brought this toy and it was awesome!  They were able to drive it around and it squirts water.  

Another boat nap!!  Ahhhh.  It only lasted 5 minutes but still exciting. 

Sour cherry picking with Meme.  

And blackberry picking at the office.

Opening day at the Farm Stand!

Our CSA this year has been great but this was the best week yet because we got sugar snap peas, only the best summer treat ever!!

And that is a lot of what we have been up to...

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