finally outside!

Monday, February 23, 2015

we've come so far...

:) :) :)

freezing in February


winter sky


Monday, February 16, 2015


good read

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

I could totally relate to this post.  I have been struggling a lot with keeping my cool in public, with a rather, umm, sassy two year old.  I often feel like I am wrestling with a wild little monkey, just to get out the door, run a quick errand or drop big brother off at school.  He is wonderful of course, but this stage is hard, and can be just physically and emotionally exhausting.  The most wonderful thing someone can do when you are struggling in the moment is say a quick "I've been there!" because really, we ALL have.


Our play kitchen is currently living at my mom's house while we are in the moving process.   Maybe it is because it isn't here all the time anymore but Flynn has become fascinated with his play food once again.  Every single time we go to her house he spends the majority of the time just organizing his cookies.   The other day I was able to capture him just doing his thing.  He is a guy on the go and constantly moving, but these cookies are magical because he will sit for so long rearranging them on different plates.  




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