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Monday, July 21, 2014

berry pickers

iphone pics-mid july edition

Here are a bunch of iphone photos from the last few weeks...

Parker went on a special outing to a Lake Monsters game last week with Grammy and Grampy and they had so much fun!

Parker has been way into reading to Flynn lately and it is so cute.  Parker has a really great memory about this kind of thing and knows a bunch of his books by heart, so he isn't really reading them but it sounds like it!

I got a kick out of the name they wrote on my cup last week.  I think it is easier to just write that too!

There has been a lot of bike riding going on around here.  We love living on a cul-de-sac and that will definitely be something we miss about where we live now.

And of course a lot of mowing too.

Checking on the garden.

Bug discussion at Grandma's house.

Trying out the straw bubble wands Aunt Juji made.  

We visited the farm to see the progress they have made at our lot.

Huge dirt piles and an excavator made it especially exciting.

Creemee date.

Poppy isn't sure about selfies.

A visit to Kristen and Jared's house.


Pool play date.

Afternoon visit to the pool.   They have SoYo frozen yogurt there which he was super excited about!

Like I have mentioned a few times, Parker has been very apprehensive around deeper water the last couple of years.  After being very into the water when he was a baby and small toddler, he developed a lot of fear about any water he couldn't walk into gradually, which has made trips to the pool not that fun for him the last two summers.  He had a breakthrough with his swimming the weekend before last and we couldn't be prouder.  He did it in his own time and by his own choice which I think was huge.  Anyway, we are all so happy about it!

And now we can all swim together!

Flynn loves the baby pool and sprinker and it is such a nice relaxing spot for them to play.  It is fun going in the big pool but a lot more stressful!  Flynn has no fear around water which is nice that he isn't nervous but challenging in a different way!


 Cynth and I went on a mom/daughter date and walk down to the waterfront and we had the best time.  We tried to stay out to see the supermoon but we just couldn't last! 

I did get to see it though when I got home.  This isn't a very good picture at all but it was amazing in person!

We met up with Stephanie, Fiona and Baby B for a coffee and bagel play date at the park.

They had the best time together.

Dancing in the sand.  

After such a successful day at the pool we wanted to go back again the next day but the weather wasn't cooperating.  So we made other plans and went to the gym pool.   It was so fun swimming with both of them.  

We needed to stop at Buttered Noodles to pick up a gift and no visit there can be made without checking out all the machines next door, obviously!! ;)

Last Monday my mom offered to watch Flynn for the day so Parker and I got to go over to meet baby Reid in New Hampshire.  I didn't want to leave Flynn out but he absolutely hates the car, so it was better for everyone that they had a special day together at home.  ;)

Kristin is one of my very best friends from college and she and her husband welcomed baby Reid at the end of June.  

We had a very successful drive over thanks to the iPad.  

And of course some road trip tunes.

So excited to meet this little guy!

Parker was too!

It was so nice to catch up and chat with Kristin and be able to meet Reid when he was still so little. 

She is doing such an awesome job and I am so excited that we get to see them again soon when we have our college roommates reunion and kid play date in just a couple of weeks with baby Claire!

Summer days sure are tiring!

We went on another berry picking adventure with Kristy and the girls.  We stopped by Isham Farms to pick blueberries and raspberries last week.  It was the most gorgeous morning and they all had a great time.  

Visiting Poppy at the office.

Taste testing birthday cupcakes.  

Another fun girl's night at Bluebird BBQ.   We realized group selfie photos are a lot harder than it would seem but I am glad we documented our night!  

Derek brought Mandi's leftovers to work the next day and here are Lucas and Grandpa pretending to eat them.  Uncle D loved it.  ;) 

Flynn and I like to find ways to keep busy while Parker is at camp.  Because he is only there for a little over 3 hours we usually just stay in town.   Visiting the tractors is one of the things we like to do.  

We usually run out of things to do and arrive at school a little early and visit their library.  Flynn knows where all the bug books are of course!


Reunited at last!  Parker's two mornings a week at camp are really the only time they are apart and Flynn really misses him.  

I will have to eventually do an update on this whole weaning process but at almost a week things are finally starting to improve on my end.   I forgot how painful this process was!   

We went blueberry picking again, this time with Daddy and Aunt Mandi.  We visited our future neighbors, Adam's Berry Farm, and it was so beautiful and great picking. 

We were about to pick a little over 10 pounds, which unfortunately still didn't last long, but I guess that just means we will have to go again!  A big thanks to Mandi who was a very fast picker!

Before we headed home we stopped by the farm to say hello to Grandpa and all the animals.

Snack buddies.

This is how we spent Flynn's car nap before we went to the pool, snacking and watching the golfers.  

We met up with Christie, Lilly and Emma for a swim.  Parker and Lilly jumped off the side together over and over again for about 40 minutes.  

 Obviously we are still a little excited about this new love of the pool.  :)

Breakfast date with my guys.  Lucas usually golfs Saturday mornings so we find fun things to do together just the 3 of us.  

They love visiting our local bakery.  

Boat day!  After a wonderful few weeks at Joe and Carrie's slip, the boat is back in Charlotte.  We are happy they have their boat back and we all met up this weekend for a boat party at the New York beach.  

This beach is only about 10 minutes away (just across the lake).  This is our usual place to anchor and it was nice to be back.   I won't write captions for all these photos becuase this has already taken me way longer than expected but here are a bunch of photos from our time on the lake this weekend...

And that is a little (or a lot) of what we have been up to.  
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