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Thursday, November 13, 2014

October iphone pics

October has come and gone and but I still wanted to post what we were up to last month so here's a little iphone photo recap...

We took a lot of great walks.  So not looking forward to treadmill walking all winter long.  

We took advantage of all the warm early fall weather and played in the cul-de-sac a lot.  Lucas broke out the skateboard Joe made for the boys and showed off his skills.

They played with ALL the vehicles.

Enjoyed the woods at Grandma's house.

Rode gators and tractors while waiting to pick up brother from preschool.

We played a lot of games.

And visited the farm a lot.

Chased some chickens.

Had fun at Olivia's 2nd birthday party!

Climbed gravel mountains.

Fed the pigs.

Visited with friends.

And enjoyed a meal with friends.

Played at open gym.

Ate all the frozen blueberries we picked this summer.  

Had his first hot chocolate of the season.

Played at grandma's house.

Visited a new (to us) playground.

Enjoyed the foliage.

Became a little obsessed with my diffuser.

Went to the annual tractor parade!

You know we are moving to the right town when it has a tractor parade every fall!

Morning "picnics" in Flynn's crib.

Playdough snakes.

Visited the pet store.

Played in the rain.

Had dinner with Grampy and Grammy.

Went on more walks with baby Anna.

Read books with Juji.

Checked out the bugs.

Learned about rain forests.

Studied the flowers at the gym. 

Had a birthday celebration.

Walker dressed up for the occasion. ;)

Had fun in the field house.

Celebrated Halloween!

Parker's 2nd parade.

The boys first time trick or treating together.

And that was a super quick(in words) recap of October!

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