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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

I am always glad to be able to share the harder parts of things but there is always lots of happy and fun things to share about as well.   Here is a little of what we have been up to these last couple of weeks...

Just like for everyone, this month has flown by and I can't believe Christmas is next week!  Although we don't have any of our decorations right now and are leaving for the next couple of weeks I still wanted to have something at our house that made it feel festive during this holiday season.  

We have never had a fake tree before but we figured it would probably be the easiest and most portable thing for us this year.  Thank goodness my mom joined us for this adventure because it was a wild one!  We ended up getting this little tree and a few expensive ornaments to decorate it with.  Only a few ornaments got eaten during the process.

And here it is!  Although it is small it definitely has helped us be in the Christmas spirit around here and the boys love it so much.  I kind of do too and I must say, it is a lot less work.  ;)  

Progress on the house taken two weekends ago.

We celebrated Lexi's 5th birthday at the bowling alley.  It was the first time we have brought them there(I think) and it was a lot of fun.  Definitely a good winter time activity for this year!

Flynn wasn't sure about the whole bowling scene but he loved the little blower on the ball returning machine.  

Trying it out.

Like everyone else I have been listening to Serial.  I had never actually listened to a podcast before but I am hooked now.  It has taken me about two weeks to listen to the first 11 episodes (the final one comes out tomorrow!)  I don't spend much time alone in my car (or anywhere haha) so listening to this happens in about 10 minute increments!  Is anyone else listening to this??  

Lucas and I were excited for a night out last week!  Grammy and Grampy babysat and we were able to head to early drinks and apps before the UVM game.

It was a great game and it was very fun to watch with Erica too.  

After the game we really lived it up an went for another drink and a little more food with Erica and Kyle.  We were there for 10pm dollar oysters which is pretty crazy right?! ;)  Thanks for staying so late Grammy and Grampy!

On Sunday we went to Kristen's cookie exchange party.  We have really been trying to get Flynn down for naps still (and finally this week there has been some progress!) so he stayed home with Lucas and Parker joined us.  

Parker always has so much fun with Caroline!

Kristen had some great holiday sweaters for us to wear which made it much more festive.  

Parker joined in too!

My mom has a great collection of Christmas and holiday books and the boys love looking at them when we visit.  

The field house is a very seasonal activity for us and we have been there a lot lately!  It is the perfect way for them to burn off some energy and they always come up with very creative ways to play in there.

The boys have been loving the Christmas lights this year.  Now that it gets dark at like 4pm, it is easy to see them on the way home from picking Parker up at school!

Last week Parker had his holiday performance with his preschool classmates.  It was so cute!

The next day we had our first snow day of the school year.  Living in the big city has some perks this winter, we were able to get out easily for some much need coffee (and chocolate milk!)  Although there was a lot of snow it was pretty amazing to see the difference here vs at our old town.  Richmond always gets so much more snow and overall they had a lot more tree damage and power outages during this storm and it ended up being pretty bad for a lot of people a little south from here.

We headed over to the office to pick up our sleds and they did a little indoor sledding before we left.  

Also we have a lot more sibling battles this year they also play so well together a lot of the time. 

Aunt Juji also had a snow day which I was pretty excited about.  And she thought she was going to have the day off from hanging out with little kids! ;)

We had so much fun playing in Grandma's back yard.  It was so warm too (30s) so it was the perfect day to play in the snow.  

During Flynn's nap time we headed over to the country club because they have an awesome sledding hill there.  

The snow has really picked up by this time.

Parker had so much fun and we would have stayed longer but it was pretty blizzard like with the snow blowing all around.

The next day Kristy and I did some errands and had coffee while the kids played at the gym.  It was a great break.  

Parker had another teeth cleaning.  For some reason visiting the dentist with him really makes him seem like such a big kid.  The idea of bringing Flynn to the dentist right now is like the scariest idea ever so it is kind of amazing how quickly things like that can change.   

Haircuts are another example!  It actually wasn't that bad this time, and watching Frozen the whole time is really the reason.  Whatever works!

Now that the walls are going up we are starting to make some decisions about inside house stuff.  Here we were meeting with Chad about the kitchen.  

Parker loved helping with the Christmas cards this year and helped seal every one which really is the worst part I think!  You can also see how we store everything here right now, that shelf behind them holds all our outdoor clothing, kitchen stuff and basically everything we needed to bring along besides clothes.  It is our way of being semi organized without much storage space but I still don't know where 1/2 our things are so...

Favorite bedtime book for Flynn these days and favorite bedtime activity, making shadows.  :)

Last weekend my mom babysat and we went to Erica and Kyle's Christmas party.   The food and drinks were great and the company was amazing.  It is more challenging for our group of friends to get together these days for lots of reasons (jobs, kids, life) so it was fun to all be together and also meet some new people.  

This couch used to live in Mandi, Derek and Kyle's place a long time ago so of course there was so reminiscing!

Erica and Kyle were great hosts, which of course is not surprising!

Last weekend we ended up going back to our old house for the first time since we moved.  The new owners did a little work and we had some leftover paint that they could use so we made a plan to bring it over.  To be honest I was a little apprehensive about going back but especially with the boys.  I hadn't been there since the night before our closing and the boys hadn't been since before the moving company came.  And right when we pulled on to our street Flynn yelled "we're home!!!!!"  I was nervous it was definitely the wrong decision at that point but it ended up going really well.  The new people are so nice and I think it was good to see them setting up in there and probably good closure for the boys(or as much as they can understand all that).  We also got to spend some time with Allie who we have missed SO much!

Checking out the Church St tree.

Fist LC hot chocolate of the season!

An early morning visit to the farm stand, which is almost done!

Loving the new cuckoo clock!

After we bundled them up so we could go visit the animals and then see the house.  

They have started working on the interior walls and despite a lot of snow inside, it is coming right along!  And this is why they really are wanting to get the roof on soon, VT winters are no joke.  

Flynn in the kitchen.

Parker loves playing "restaurant".    They are really enjoying seeing this all come along.

2nd LC hot chocolate of the season.  ;)

Flynn has been having lots of fun at gym school with the holiday arts and crafts.  Parker has never really been into that stuff so it is kind of exciting to think someone might be!

Doing house errands with Flynn has been interesting... We try and get a lot done when Parker which does make it easier.  He is a little tornado right now and kept knocking things off the shelves and saying "oh dear!!"  Definitely helps keep this visits short and to the point! 

So that is some of what we have been up to recently.

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